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Why Termite Barriers Are An Important  Preventative Measure

If you’re building your home in any kind area that has been covered with trees in the past, then there are most likely plenty of subterranean termites living below ground just waiting to come up and find your home.  Termite Control Gold Coast elaborates that; subterranean termites need to always be in contact with the soil because of the amount of moisture they need to survive, so what they do is build small tubes up the side of your foundation or in cracks so they can access the wood in your house without drying out. Under the ground, inside their tubes, and when eating your house, they maintain a certain amount of humidity and temperature that is needed for their survival.

In order to prevent your home being attacked by subterranean termites there are several different measures you can take, but the first and most important option is to lay down termite barriers in the soil before you ever start construction. There are a couple different kinds of termite barriers and sometimes more than one will be used on a location.

The first type of termite barrier is made by digging a trench around the complete perimeter of your home’s  foundation and then  filling the trench  with large amounts of residual insecticide. The insecticide permeates the soil to the point where the termites cannot pass through the soil on the way to your house without becoming infected by the insecticide and dying. Care must be taken to not leave any openings for the termites to pass through because they will eventually find it, they are relentless.

Another type of termite barrier control consists of two pieces of plastic with fiber sandwiched between them, and the fiber is saturated with insecticide, the plastic is then laid down in places such as the crawlspace to block the termites from coming up through the soil and attacking the home. This type of barrier can also be used as a perimeter barrier in the soil, and as long as it is not broken or perforated it can last quite a number of years.

Termites are major problem throughout the world, causing many billions of dollars in damage wherever they are located. While each individual termite this fragile and easy to kill, the sheer numbers of them and their relentless pursuit of food, make them difficult to contain.  And, the best way to get started in preventing a termite infestation is with termite barriers.